God designed the Christian life to be lived out in community.

Our relationship with Him is meant to be shared.  So we offer Sunday School small groups at Bradfordville. These groups provide a great environment for us to develop our faith and live it out in meaningful ways. In a safe, informal setting, we come together to study the Bible, as well as support and pray for one another.



Bradfordville offers many small group Bible study options for Adults. We have coed classes and gender specific classes that are based on grouping people of similar life situations.

The Bible is the textbook with topical or Bible book-based study methods to find relevance for our lives through God’s Word. The class then provides community to live out that Word by developing friendship and ministry with each other.

From that starting point we move out in to specific areas such as family enrichment activities, marriage studies, senior adult fellowships, and other opportunities to serve God and each other.

Sunday Mornings:

9:15 am Sunday School is the basic point of connection for anyone seeking to be a part of Bradfordville First Baptist Church.

Wednesday Evenings:

6:00 pm Join us every Wednesday night in the Worship Center for a time of prayer and reflection as we come together to support and care for one another. Or find a place in a short-term discipleship study.

Sunday School Listing:

25-35: Room #: 212
Led by: Travis Shannon
Coed Young Adults

35-55: Room #: 308
Led by: John Gay
Coed Adults

40-70: Room #: 312
Led by: Keith Powell
Coed Adults

50-75: Room #: 307
Led by: Bob Bullard
Coed Adult

55+: Room #: 201
Led by: Allen Harden
Coed Adult

57-70: Room #: 220
Led by: Voncille Powell
Coed Adult

57-80: Room #: 211
Led by: Russ Williams
Coed Adult

60-80: Room #: 217
Led by: Jim Overall
Coed Adult

70+: Room #: 213
Led by: Kay Williams
Coed Adult

70+: Room #: 207
Led by: Verna Norris
Coed Adult

College and Young Adults: Room #: Administration Building - Great Room
Led by: Hunter Johnson

Young Women: Room #: 208
Led by: Betsy McDonald, Becky Bandy

All ages: Room #: 210
Led by: Karen Blankenship

All ages: Room #: 221
Led by: David Guthrie

All ages: Room #: 214
Led by: Joy Scott

All Ages: Room #: 309
Led by: Lawrence Revell
Coed Adult