Last stop of the tour… UGANDA!

Welcome to Uganda! A country of over 42 million people and positioned to double in size by 2050. Incredible! This country in East Africa is know for its abundant wildlife and beautiful waterfalls. There are at least 32 languages spoken in Uganda with English and Swahili being the official languages. Uganda is home to a large variety of people groups and their religion is a mixture of traditional customs, Christianity, and Muslim.

The International Mission Board has missionaries in Uganda that are working with locals to provide biblically faithful education and discipleship training. One of the hurdles that the missionaries face is prosperity gospel and false teachings that some in Uganda believe. The IMB and the missionaries on the ground are working to share the true Gospel with the people and to help alleviate any confusion that some have with Christianity. Click on the picture below to begin your journey through Uganda!

Mission Focused

The International Mission Board, in partnership with the Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja, Uganda, are providing theological education to students. It is in these settings, where some have listened to the struggles that face missionaries currently serving in Uganda to know how to better pray for them and the people of Uganda.

Gospel Driven

IMB president Paul Chitwood (center) sits with missionary Kevin Singerman (left) and Geofrey Ochan of Hope Baptist Church in Arua, Uganda. Chitwood said the trip gave him deeper insight into the struggles missionaries face and how better to pray for them.

Shannon Rogers, who spoke at one of our Wednesday night IGNITE Services in 2019, is currently serving as an IMB Missionary with the Karamajong Tribe in Uganda. Click here to see how Shannon Rogers is living on mission in Uganda!

Culturally Aware

A majority of the people of Uganda eat just two meals a day: lunch and dinner. Although breakfast often is a cup of tea or porridge. Some of the popular food that they eat are matoke (a staple made from bananas), goat meat, and mangos.

If you were to visit Uganda today, and found yourself as an invited guest to a meal…here are a some things that you would want to keep in mind. 1) a short prayer is said before the family starts eating. 2) children will only talk when asked a question. 3) it is considered impolite to leave the room while others are eating. 4) leaning on the left hand or stretching one’s legs at a meal is a sign of disrespect. 5) finally, when the meal is finished everyone in turn gives a compliment to the mother.


Check out this video on how a local girl from Uganda shows a missionary couple how to carry a jug of water.



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