Welcome to Ukraine


Mission Focused

Joe Kader, who spoke at one of our Wednesday night IGNITE Services in 2019, is currently serving as an IMB Missionary in L’viv, Ukraine. He, and his family, have built a community of friends around them and are sharing the love of Christ with them constantly. Check out this video from Joe about how things are going in Ukraine.


Gospel Driven

In 2015, Franklin Graham was able to share the gospel in L’viv, Ukraine with close to 40,000 people. Throughout the week leading up to the festival, there were people praying around the clock. Through those prayers, and the faithfulness to the gospel, over 1,900 people came to know Christ in a personal way that week. Here is an article about that Festival of Hope.  https://billygraham.org/gallery/god-moves-powerfully-at-packed-to-capacity-ukraine-festival/


Culturally Aware

In Western Ukraine, there is a beautiful mountain range called the Carpathian Mountains. This is one of the places that Pastor Tom visited while on a mission trip in Ukraine. Being able to get away for a couple of days, during an 18-day mission trip was a chance for him and the team to recharge, both physically and spiritually. Here is a glimpse into what the Carpathian Mountains are like. https://ukrainer.net/regions/karpaty-en/


If you found yourself walking around on a cobble street in L’viv, you would likely end up shopping at one of many outdoor markets. These markets sell a variety of things from bakery items, produce, and other foods, to souvenirs like nesting dolls and Ukrainian Easter eggs, also known as Pysanka. Both of these souvenirs are a unique gift to get someone when visiting Ukraine. They allow the cultural traditions of Ukraine to showcase themselves in many ways, as well as make for some great gospel conversation starters in homes.


Ukrainian cuisine is a collection of influences that have accumulated over many years. The national dish that originates from Ukraine is borscht.

Borscht is a beet soup of Ukrainian origin common in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is typically made using a large amount of beets, by combining meat or bone stock with sautéed vegetables, which may include cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes and tomatoes. Depending on the recipe, borscht may include meat/chicken/fish or be purely vegetarian; it may be served either hot or cold; and it may range from a hearty one-pot meal to a clear broth or a smooth drink.


Another delicious food in Ukraine is varenyky, which are filled dumplings.

They are often filled with potato, sauerkraut, meat, mushrooms, and sometimes fruit. They are typically boiled in hot water and then pan-fried before serving with a side of sour cream, fried onions, or both.



Pray for Ukraine

  1. In the midst of war and crisis, that the people of Ukraine would be open to the good news of Jesus Christ. https://www.imb.org/2020/01/17/good-news-amidst-war-ukraine/
  2. Understanding that the customs and traditions are not able to save them from their sins. Only a personal and saving relationship with Christ can do that.
  3. Pray for Joe and his family to stay safe, be bold with the Gospel, and also to have enough support to continue the work in Ukraine.


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