Equipping and empowering adults to address difficult topics in the lives of kids they love

Created with parents, grandparents, teachers, and other kid-influencers in mind, the Influencer Event Series, is a space where adults can discuss and begin thinking about these topics, while also hearing from experienced ministry and industry leaders, who will provide a Biblical perspective on how to help our kids—from toddlers to teens—navigate each unique issue.


Topics that kids are facing today, are often topics adults are only just figuring out how to navigate themselves. It often seems overwhelming to address these issues, and can seem easier to leave them alone unless something goes wrong. But from experience, and after hearing testimonies and stories from family after family, our Student Pastor and Director of Children & Family Ministries saw a need to help engage and equip adults to be proactive when it comes to the most difficult issues our kids are facing today. The world will define truth for our kids and our families if we don’t define it first.

Social Media

Our first Influencer Event will address the topic of Social Media in the lives of our kids. Using trusted, Biblically-based resources, we’ll tackle five lies that Social Media wants our kids to believe, and the five Biblical truths that crush those lies. We’ll have a panel to answer questions, guide discussion, and get people thinking about next steps in the lives of their families and social media.

Attendees will be provided with a catered dinner, resources to walk away with, plus access to numerous digital resources, opportunities to win giveaways, and a platform to ask questions to our panel. Plus, be the first to find out what our next Influencer Event topic will be, and have an opportunity to sign-up before anyone else!


Our heart is to partner with families, and kid-influencers from our community in order to help lead our kids to the truth of God’s Word, and to the practical ways God’s Word and truths can be applied to their lives!

Cost: $25.00 per couple (or $12.50 per individual)

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For questions about the Influencer Event Series, contact influencer@bradfordville.org