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Children’s Ministry: Answering a Number of Questions

The children’s ministry at Bradfordville is in a healthy place. We have dedicated leaders; we have solid families; we’re teaching God’s Word; and we’re seeing children placing their faith and trust in Jesus. Even though we’re in a period of transition, these are exciting times at Bradfordville!

I want to answer a number of questions about our children’s ministry.

1. Who is leading the children’s ministry in the interim period? First, the pastoral staff and I will be actively involved in the children’s ministry. Second, we established an ad hoc children’s ministry leadership team. This team isn’t a search team. These men and women will lead and oversee the weekly and seasonal children’s ministries.

2. Who is serving on the children’s ministry leadership team? The goal was to select five people to serve. We desired to have men and women represented, and we wanted to have children’s leaders and deacons on the team. Here are the names of the five people:

Amy Walker (Chair)
Emily Perrin (Vice Chair)
Jenny Whitaker (Secretary)
Ted Avellone
Chuck Hughes

3. How was the children’s ministry leadership team selected? Bill Spiers (Chair of Nominating Committee), Tim Moore (Chair of Deacons), and I followed the guidelines as set forth in Bradfordville’s Constitution & Bylaws. Here is the process in our governing document: The Senior Pastor, the Chair of Deacons, and the Chair of the Nominating Committee jointly from time to time may determine the need to commission an ad hoc committee to address specific needs of the church that are not within the purview of the existing committee structure. Such ad hoc committees are limited to bringing issues and proposed solutions to the church for action during regular or called special church meetings. The membership and purpose of such committees will be determined by the Senior Pastor, the Chair of Deacons, and the Chair of the Nominating Committee. They will be organized under the same guidelines established for permanent committees. Ad hoc committees will automatically dissolve upon completion of the task(s) for which they were commissioned.

4. Has the search process already started for a new children and family pastor/director? I met with our Personnel Committee on Monday, March 5. We had a productive meeting. We’ve started receiving resumes from potential candidates, and we’ve already networked with Southern Baptist leaders in Florida, and in other areas of the country. I appeal for you to pray for the search process. We don’t have a time frame. Our prayer is for the Lord to lead us to His person for the position.

5. Are there meetings scheduled with children’s ministry leaders and parents? We have scheduled meetings with leaders and parents. Our first meeting is with children’s leaders on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 pm. We’ll meet in Room 309. Our second meeting is with parents on Sunday, April 8 at 4:00 pm. We’ll meet in the Choir Room. Childcare will be available by reservation. Please contact the Church Office to make your childcare reservation. These meetings will help us in the search process.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Curt Hall (Chair of Personnel), Amy Walker, (Chair of Children’s Ministry Team), or me. We’re available to serve and help.

I’m praying (and believe) the best days for Bradfordville’s KidzMin are yet to come.

Jesus Loves Children,
Pastor Ronny
Luke 18:15-17

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