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DNOW: Renew

A major student ministry every year is DNOW. It’s this weekend. Students will come together for a weekend of worship, Bible study, fellowship, and missions. Lives will be changed for the glory of Christ!

The theme verse for DNOW is Mark 12:30. Jesus said, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” I’m excited that Tom Cooney, Bradfordville’s student pastor, is leading the IGNITE Student Ministry to make disciples that love upward, inward, and outward.

DNOW isn’t just for students. You and I can be involved. You ask, “How?” We can pray for God to work in the lives of students and their leaders.

I want to list seven ways that we can pray for DNOW this week. Pray for…

1. Leaders to lead with the heart of Christ. Tom has assembled a quality leadership team. I’m confident that DNOW leaders have the heart and passion of John 3:30. These men and women are leading for the glory of Christ.

2. Speaker/Band to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said that lifting Him up results in changed lives (John 12:32). In music and in preaching, let’s pray for the focus to be on Jesus and the Word of God. Nothing stays the same when the desire is to exalt the Lord.

3. Students to be open to the Holy’s Spirit’s touch. The Holy Spirit works in many ways in the lives of people and churches. To name a few, He teaches, convicts, gifts, unifies, intercedes, and testifies. I’m praying for the Spirit to touch students in regards to personal salvation, godly living, and ministry involvement.

4. Churches to enjoy expanding God’s kingdom together. My heart is thrilled to see four churches partnering together in ministry (Bradfordville, Celebration, Lake Talquin, Primera Iglesia). It’s healthy for churches to do kingdom ministry together.

5. Parents to notice spiritual change in their children. Spiritual growth should be noticeable. I pray for students to live out their faith and love for Christ in their homes and families. The Great Commission always starts at home, not overseas.

6. Nonbelievers to see the difference Jesus Christ makes. Our students are constantly around people who need Jesus. Nonbelievers don’t expect believers to live perfect. However, they do expect them to live different. Let’s pray for our students to live Christian lives that are faithful and consistent.

7. Jesus to call students to abandon everything and follow Him. The cross isn’t about safety. It’s about surrender. Jesus surrendered everything to pay the penalty for our sin. And by the way, Jesus “paid it all!” I’m praying for our students to embrace the cross, to surrender all, and to follow Jesus with total abandon. That’s the life the Lord blesses and uses.

As students renew their commitment to Christ and stop trying to do things on their own this DNOW weekend, let’s pray for them to encounter the presence, power, and peace of Jesus in a fresh way.

Thank you for your participation in DNOW either in person or in the prayer closet!

A Weekend of Renewal,
Pastor Ronny
Romans 12:1-2

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