Special Pre-Christmas Week at Bradfordville

Sunday was a great day at Bradfordville! Attendance in Bible study and worship was strong. You and I witnessed many decisions and additions to our church family. We enjoyed the presence of many guests on our campus. God is on the move! All the praise goes to Jesus!

It was a joy to welcome Dr. Fred Luter to Tallahassee and to Bradfordville. Dr. Luter was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2012. He’s a dear brother in the Lord and a gracious friend in the ministry. Dr. Luter introduced me to charbroiled oysters. I’ll never be the same (I believe it was the melted cheese and butter).

One of my passions is to invest in pastors and church leaders. Dr. Luter spoke to a group of pastors on Monday morning and to our deacons and their wives on Monday night. I appreciate the pastoral staff and the many volunteers who made the two events possible. Thank you for serving and helping this vision become a reality.

What insights did Dr. Luter have for pastors and deacons?

He shared how God used him to revitalize the church he pastors. God led him to focus on three areas of ministry. (1) Preach and teach the Bible as their final authority. (2) Develop and disciple other men. (3) Share their faith everywhere they go. Dr. Luter asked the church to focus on “F.R.A.N.gelism.” He said, “God wants to use you to reach your friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors.”

The key to church growth is faithfulness. Be faithful to God, God’s Word, your family, and to the church that called you. As you live faithful to God, He’ll be faithful to you.

Two offices in the Bible are pastors and deacons. Dr. Luter preached from Mark 4:35-41. He asked deacons and their wives this question. “What do you do when the storms of life come?” He gave four biblical steps to take when the storms of life are raging. (1) Remember the promises of Jesus. (2) Remember the presence of Jesus. (3) Remember the power of Jesus. (4) Remember the peace of Jesus.
Sunday is going to be a special day. We’re not having Sunday School. However, we’re having a worship service at 10:30 am and a candlelight service at 5:00 pm. I hope you and your family members will join us on Christmas Eve.

Along with Bradfordville’s staff and their families, Angie and I wish you and your loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Celebrating Jesus’ Birth,
Pastor Ronny
Luke 2:1-20

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