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2018 Church-Wide Strategic Goals

2017 is nearing an end. It’s been a fruitful year for Bradfordville. We’ve equipped you, the Lord’s disciples, to love upward, inward, and outward. I rejoice in the Lord’s goodness and favor. As we give thanks and celebrate, it’s not a time to become complacent. It’s a time to move forward.

I believe in setting goals. Specific goals have helped us move forward as a church. What strategic goals are we seeking to accomplish in 2018?

1. Send ten messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention. Next year’s convention is in Dallas, Texas. Bradfordville’s involvement and influence in the Southern Baptist Convention continues to increase. No church affiliated with the convention can send more than ten messengers. I’m excited for our church to send the maximum number of messengers allowed. If you have an interest in attending next year’s annual convention, please let us know in the Church Office. We’ll add your name to the list of potential messengers.

2. Mobilize seventy-five to 100 people to be on mission in South Florida. A major mission focus of the Florida Baptist Convention is South Florida. Many people in that part of our state are without Christ and disconnected from a local church. Our plan is to send a large number of people from our church to be on mission in South Florida. The dates of the trip are July 16-20, 2018. This mission project is for people of all ages. We’ll have projects for children, students, and adults. I’m planning a pre-trip to South Florida next month to work out more details. We’ll keep you posted in the weeks to come.

3. Expand our broadcast ministry to reach and minister to more people. Our worship gathering is broadcast live every week on our website and on Facebook. This allows our ministry to reach beyond the four walls of our facility. Our desire is to enhance our equipment and expand our reach next year. Our broadcast ministry is touching lives from Tallahassee to Africa.

4. Baptize at least fifty people. One of the joys of ministry is to share the gospel, see people trust Jesus as Savior, and witness them following Him in believer’s baptism. Baptizing at least fifty people means that we’ll need to pray for lost people, sow gospel seeds, and rejoice as the Lord changes lives. Fifty baptisms would be the most that we’ve had in a calendar year since I’ve been your pastor. I’m confident that can happen because Jesus is still saving boys and girls and men and women.

5. Continue to move Vision 20/20 Phase One forward. As you know, we’re fulfilling our financial pledges. You’re doing what you promised…thank you! The church’s architect is hard at work. We’ll be sharing more details about the next steps of Phase One early in 2018. As we promised, we’re moving forward with Phase One with no new debt and giving 10% of all funds raised toward principal reduction on our current mortgage.

Along with our staff, I thank you for the generous Christmas bonuses’, the many thoughtful cards, and the other countless gifts. You’ll see our annual Christmas picture in next week’s newsletter.

I look forward to seeing the Lord grow and use His church in 2018.

I Love Our Church,
Pastor Ronny
Proverbs 29:18

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