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Manna: Happy 10th Anniversary

I had the joy of sitting down last week with Brenda Garner. We talked about Manna. Her heart for that ministry is gigantic! I thanked Brenda for her commitment, passion, and leadership. As she said, “All praise goes to God.” Brenda and I prayed together. I’m grateful for the lives that have been touched (volunteers and guests) over the past ten years through Manna.

Brenda shared this historical picture of Manna. “The ministry started as a result of God’s call on a group of friends that were part of a small group that met on Sunday evenings. The small group became involved in helping one particular lady, named Shelia, and then they started to wonder how many others were in need with no one to call for help. A clothes ministry began not long after Manna started, and God used it to provide for many. He specifically provided for one desperate young mom with two boys who had to leave their home suddenly. She came in need that afternoon, and a volunteer donated two huge bags of clothes at that exact time, which just had what she needed for her two sons.”

How can you and I be involved in Manna?

1. Volunteer to serve. You can volunteer and serve every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Your involvement makes a difference. Many volunteers are needed for Tuesday, November 21. That’s one of the biggest days of the year for Manna. Call the Church Office if you’d like more information about serving.

2. Celebrate on Tuesday, October 17. From noon until 6:00 pm, you can drop by Manna and celebrate the 10th anniversary with cake and sandwiches. Everyone is invited.

3. Give money for turkeys. Price Thornal’s legacy lives on. He had a heart to give every family a turkey during Thanksgiving. That ministry continues. You can give a financial donation to Bradfordville over the next few weeks for that ministry. Giving turkeys is one way for the ministry to love outward.

4. Donate items for the ministry. You can donate food, clothes, and other household items to the ministry. A collection bin is located on the South Campus. If you have items too big for the bin, call the Church Office. We’ll put you in touch with a Manna volunteer.

5. Pray for God’s touch. I encourage you to pray for volunteers and guests. Lives are being changed. At least three people have come to Jesus over the years. Every person who attends is shown the love of Christ.

6. Attend the Bible study. Bob Bullard leads a Bible study for Manna visitors who come early and wait. I led the study a few weeks ago. Those folks have a heart for the Lord and His Word. You may want to attend the study one Tuesday. It starts at 3:30 pm in the Chapel.

7. Hear testimonies of volunteers. People who serve are being changed. I’d like to share the story of Mike McGrotha. He is a recent volunteer in the ministry. “I would like to share one memory of Manna as I started serving. My first time serving was talking with someone. I got overwhelmed by the situation and felt unworthy to hear all the sorrows. The Holy Spirit moved me, and it was like I was on autopilot. Not sure what I was saying, but knew that I was being guided. I also remember having to step out for a moment to catch my breath and reflect. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to serve and actually receive a blessing! Not sure who really benefits more, our people or myself. Thank you Brenda for inviting me in. One other thing, on my first time serving, Miss Lela gave me a ticket as I entered the building. I was unsure of why but it dawned on me she thought I needed help! We all do. Thanks for inviting me in!” Mike’s story put a smile on my face.

To Brenda and all the volunteers, happy 10th anniversary. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. I rejoice seeing how you love upward, inward, and outward! To God be the glory!

To the least of these,
Pastor Ronny

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