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Deacons: Serving the Lord and Bradfordville

I love deacons!

The men who serve as deacons at Bradfordville encourage, support, pray, love, and inspire our church membership, our pastoral staff, and me. I’m a better pastor because of their ministry and leadership.

The deacon ministry is a New Testament office. The Bible describes who a deacon is to be (1 Timothy 3:8-13), and the early church modeled what a deacon should do (Acts 6:1-7). Therefore, selecting deacons is a weighty leadership decision. A man doesn’t become a deacon because he’s successful or popular. He accepts the ministry of a deacon because he’s qualified, called, prepared, trusted, and affirmed.

The deacon ministry is more than sitting on a church board. Instead, deacons at Bradfordville serve. I often say, “The role of a biblical deacon is to carry a bucket of water, not a can of gas. A deacon’s ministry is to put out fires in the church fellowship, not spread them.”

Thank you for taking the time to submit names of men to be considered as deacons. What are the next steps in the selection process?

1. Qualified deacon candidates will be contacted. Each man will be asked to pray about being a deacon at Bradfordville. A faithful deacon is a called deacon.

2. Men who have an interest in the deacon ministry will complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes a man’s testimony, his beliefs about God’s Word and theological issues, and his convictions about living the Christian life.

3. Deacon candidates will meet with our current deacons officers and me. We’ll meet with each candidate and talk about duties and expectations of the deacon ministry at Bradfordville.

4. Deacon candidates will share their personal spiritual stories before our deacon body. Each deacon candidate will share his testimony and answer any questions that may be asked of him.

5. You’ll be given an opportunity to affirm the selected deacons during the November 19th worship gathering. We’ll include deacon ballots in the bulletins, and you’ll be asked to affirm the men on the ballots.

Our church is stronger and healthier because of our deacons and their ministry. I thank God that these men are “partners in ministry!”

Leading by the Book,
Pastor Ronny
Philippians 1:1-2

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