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Why Sunday School Is Not A Good Name

We have a small group Bible study ministry called Sunday School. However, there are some misconceptions about its purpose.

Originally, Sunday schools were literally schools. They were places were poor children could go on Sunday to learn to read. They had teachers who gave tests – yuck! So some people say, “That’s just for kids and I don’t like going to school.”

Today, much of what takes place in this ministry occurs on some other day than Sunday and many of our students are not poor children but adults focused on becoming better disciples of Christ. Sunday School is a place where you:

  • Study God’s Word to grow in your walk with Him. We use several curricula but they are all just different ways to study the Bible for application in our daily lives. You have an opportunity to ask questions and find answers in a way not possible in corporate worship settings.
  • Make friends with other persons in our church. It is good to be cordial with those we sit near in worship every Sunday, but greater fellowship and support comes in a small group setting.
  • Minister to each other in a more meaningful way. I frequently hear reports from people about how their Sunday School class cared for them in crisis time or celebrated with them in praise times. Mission work is supported and done personally.
  • Find a place of service. Organizing to accomplish the work of Sunday School provides many opportunities for everyone in the class to use their experience, skills, and gifts.

If you want to grow as a Christian, please call me. Sunday School is the place for you. I’d be thrilled to help you find a class in which you can be involved. In fact, we probably have more than one class you could try before making a commitment.

If you don’t want to grow as a Christian, please call me. Sunday School is definitely the place you need to be.

Rick Stewart
Discipleship Pastor

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