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What Does the Bible Say about Spiritual Warfare?

I realize a holiday weekend is before us. Many of you have travel and family plans. I pray that we’ll remember the many men and women who gave their all for our nation’s freedom, protection, and prosperity. I have the deepest respect for the men and women of the armed forces (retired and active). You’re the best!

I received an email recently from a young lady in our church family, asking me when I was going to preach on the “armor of God.” I plan to preach two messages on spiritual warfare the next two Sundays. As I shared last Sunday, that’s why I love preaching through books of the Bible. You preach what the text says.

Why is a message about spiritual warfare needed?

1. God is at work at Bradfordville. Unity is strong; lives are being changed; growth (spiritual and numerical) is evident; and God is using you and me to reach our city and the nations. That makes the enemy mad!

2. The Bible reveals the presence of an enemy. Isaiah 14:12-14 describes the fall of Satan. The Bible characterizes him as a thief, liar, and a roaring lion (John 10:10; John 8:44; and 1 Peter 5:8). Satan is deceptive and mean-spirited.

3. Our enemy hates God’s work. He doesn’t like to see unity among God’s children; people being saved; disciples being made; and nations being reached. He’ll do all he can to distract, divide, and destroy the activity of God. Satan is Bradfordville’s foe, not her friend.

4. Spiritual warfare is a reality for you and me. As God’s people, we’re at war. You may be doing battle with the enemy in your marriage, family, career, or spiritual life. If so, be strong and realize that you’re not alone. I know firsthand what it’s like to battle the enemy.

5. You and I need to be spiritually prepared. It’s a travesty for soldiers, police officers, and emergency workers to face evil unprepared. My heart breaks to see God’s people battle the enemy unprepared spiritually.

I’m praying for God to train and equip us for spiritual warfare over the next two Sundays. The upcoming sermons are important for you and me to live for Christ and be victorious in battle. I hope you’ll make plans to be present the next two Sundays.

The Lord is Greater,
Pastor Ronny
1 John 4:4

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