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Israel 2017 Update #1

Blessings from the Holy Land!

Our group arrived in Israel safe and well. You can immediately see and feel the presence of Israeli security. I’m confident these folks know their responsibility and are ready to carry it out.

I love traveling with our group. We’re almost like children waiting for Christmas. Our excitement and anticipation are off the charts, waiting to see the sites that we read and study about in the Bible.

We didn’t waste time on the first day. We completed the customs and immigration process, boarded our motor coach, toured Tel Aviv, and ate our first meal in Israel. We’re good Baptists because we ate well (nothing like the gospel-bird for lunch).

Our first stop was at the Valley of Elah (1 Samuel 17). David fought Goliath in this area of Israel. He trusted the Lord and saw Israel’s giant fall. As we stood in this valley, the Lord reminded us that He is still able to deliver us from giants. What personal giants are you facing? I encourage you to stand firm, trust the Lord, and experience His victory!

Jonah’s “big fish” fountain in Joppa

We visited the coastal city of Joppa. Joppa is a prominent city in biblical history. Jonah boarded a ship in Joppa to flee from the Lord (Jonah 1:3); Dorcas served the Lord in Joppa. Her approach to evangelism was service (Acts 9:36-43); and Peter was staying in Joppa when the Lord called him to go to Cornelius’ house (Acts 10). As I stood overlooking the Great Sea in Joppa, I shared these three truths with our group. Running from the Lord comes at a high cost; serving people in Jesus’ name is a great way to reach people; and obeying the Lord’s call changes lives, marriages, families, churches, and nations.

Great Sea at Tel Aviv

Our hotel is nice and comfortable. Rooms have views of the Mediterranean Sea. Tonight was our first experience of an Israeli dinner buffet. Our folks weren’t disappointed. The selections are plentiful and tasty. And yes, as I remembered from last year, the chocolate is still abundant.

Thank you for taking the time to pray for our group. We’ll post updates daily. As I shared before, this isn’t a tourist trip. We’re Jesus’ disciples, seeking to learn, grow, and mature in Him.

We’re humbled to know that you’re following our journey in the Holy Land. Our first worship service is in the morning at Caesarea by the Sea. Please pray for the Lord to show us His glory!

Until Next Time,
Pastor Ronny
Exodus 33:18

Today’s header picture is from the Valley of Elah.

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