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10 Ways to Prepare for Resurrection Weekend

Holy Week is a significant week of the year for believers in Jesus Christ. What happened in the life of Jesus during this week? Jesus entered Jerusalem; He wept over the city; He cursed a fig tree; He washed the feet of His disciples; He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane; He encountered various trials; He died a violent death on a cross; and He walked out of the grave on Resurrection morning. Jesus is alive!

As you and I approach Resurrection weekend, how can we prepare to worship Jesus and celebrate the empty tomb?

1. Pray. I appeal for you to pray that we’ll love children and their families on Saturday at the Giant Easter Egg Hunt. I encourage you to ask God to move in Sunday School and worship on Resurrection morning. Prayer makes a difference!

2. Invite. You still have time to invite family members, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates to attend the Giant Easter Egg Hunt or worship this weekend. Your invitation could be a catalyst for someone to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus.

3. Attend. If you have small children, I hope you’re planning to attend the Giant Easter Egg Hunt. If you’re in town, I challenge you to be in worship on Resurrection morning. Your attendance is a witness to your family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, and classmates.

4. Park. On Resurrection morning, and if you’re physically able, I encourage you to park in the back parking lot or in the upper section of the parking lot. This will leave many parking spaces close to the facility for guests and family members.

5. Participate. We’re planning to flower the cross on Sunday morning. The cross is located in front of the Sanctuary on the Main Campus. Volunteers will be at the cross before Sunday School and worship to assist you in placing your flowers.

6. Welcome. We’ll have many guests on Saturday and Sunday. Let’s go out of our way to welcome individuals, couples, and families to the Giant Easter Egg Hunt and worship on Sunday morning. I pray that our guests find Bradfordville to be helpful and friendly, leading them to join us again for other worship experiences and ministries.

7. Serve. Many of you have volunteered to serve in the parking lot, in the children’s ministry, in the worship and broadcast ministry, and in many other areas this weekend. Your ministry will make a spiritual difference and a strong first impression. We couldn’t do what we do on Resurrection Weekend if you didn’t serve.

8. Worship. Jesus is worthy to be worshipped. I pray that you and I come into the church facility on Resurrection Sunday already worshipping. My appeal is for us to gather this Sunday with hearts overflowing with love and obedience to the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

9. Celebrate. You and I often celebrate national championships, significant family events, and the end of a successful career. As Resurrection Sunday approaches, we need to celebrate the historical truth of the empty tomb. Jesus has defeated death and the grave! Let’s celebrate our victory in Jesus!

10. Remember. On days when life is hard, storms are raging, and peace is questionable, we need to remember the significance of the stone being rolled away and the tomb vacated. During this Holy Week, I hope you and I will reflect on the events of Jesus’ life and remember how His life, death, and resurrection have radically transformed our lives.

As the hymn declares, you and I can face tomorrow “Because He Lives!

The Tomb is Empty,
Pastor Ronny
John 20:1-10

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