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Timothy + Barnabas: A Valuable Time Away

Accountability is important in life and ministry. God desires integrity from His children (Psalm 101:2).

Therefore, I want to provide you a brief report from last week’s conference in Georgia. The conference was profitable; the weather was nice; the accommodations were comfortable; and the fellowship was special. Johnny Hunt and his team invested in conference attendees well. The conference schedule allowed time for instruction, conversation, and rest.

Here are five major themes from the conference.

“Leaders are made, not born. Some who maybe intuitively have the characteristic of a leader, but true leadership is a discipline.” Those called to lead need to be learners.

“As a leader, it becomes your desire to bring about sameness of purpose. People feel most like a family when they are unified in purpose. This is the most important factor in forming a cohesive group (unity in purpose).” Unity matters to God and to those commissioned with the task of leading.

“A vision is a clear picture of what the leader sees his people being or doing. From that clear picture, the leader then plans how that vision will become a reality.” Vision isn’t optional for a healthy church and ministry team. Vision always comes from God.

“Passion is the first step to achievement; passion increases willpower; passion changes lives; passion changes me; passion makes impossibilities possible; and your passion for God protects you from wrong.” Enthusiasm (in God) is connected to passion. God’s people need to model passion because our assignment deals with the eternal, not the temporal.

“One of Titus’ main tasks would be that of developing other spiritual leaders (John Maxwell). I read recently where 400 leaders were identified in the Bible. Of the 400 leaders, only 80 finished well; that’s 20%. Their characteristics were humility, intimacy with God, obedience, faith, and teachable.” God calls His leaders to finish life and ministry strong.

Our time away allowed us to minister to several hotel staff members. We’re following up this week with one young lady, trying to connect her to a local church. Our goal is to serve Jesus “as we’re going” (Matthew 28:19).

As a minor takeaway, we learned a new way to serve food next year at the Valentine’s Banquet. You’ll be amazed and impressed!

Thank you again for your prayers and support!

Leading with Vision,
Pastor Ronny
Proverbs 29:18

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