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It’s Healthy to Pull Away and Rest

Ministry is an amazing journey. However, serving Jesus does come with costs. Following God’s call costs His servants physically, emotionally, financially, relationally, and spiritually. People in ministry constantly are called to give, give, and give. How do they replenish? How do they fill their tanks again? Those are great and relevant questions.

Jesus called men to come and follow Him. We know them as disciples (or apostles). Jesus’ disciples were learners and followers. He’s still calling you and me to be His disciples and has commissioned us to make disciples (Matthew 28:19). That divine mandate isn’t optional or negotiable!

As Jesus sent His disciples out to serve and minister, they returned to Him. Mark 6:30-31 says, “The apostles returned to Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught. And he said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to desolate a place and rest a while.’” Jesus desired for His servants to spend time with Him; He wanted to hear their stories; and He wanted His followers to rest.

Next week, I’m leading our pastoral staff and wives to a time of retreat and rest. We’re attending to the Timothy+Barnabas Conference with Pastor Johnny Hunt at Reynolds, Lake Oconee in central Georgia. As we’re away for a few days, I appeal for you to pray for us. Let me identify seven ways for you to pray.

1. Safe travels. We’ll travel to the conference on Wednesday, March 8 and return on Friday, March 10. Pray that our travels will be safe and trouble-free.

2. Teachable spirits. What does God want to say to us during the conference? Leaders are learners. Pray that our hearts and spirits will be still and open to the Lord’s Word and Spirit.

3. Intentional rest. It’s important to slow down the pace of life and ministry at times. Pray that we’ll be able to rest well at night and be refreshed from the worship and fellowship experiences during the day.

4. Conference leaders. Pastor Johnny and his team are amazing! The team is experienced in leading these conferences. Pray that Pastor Johnny and his team will be physically rested, spiritually prepared, and relationally alert.

5. Personal application. Learning is one of the spiritual disciplines. However, God calls His people to do more than learn. He wants His people to obey the Word (James 1:22). Pray that we’ll walk away from the conference with one or two action points for our personal lives and ministries.

6. Witness opportunities. As we travel and attend the conference, God has called us to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8). Pray that we’ll be sensitive to the Spirit’s leadership toward the hotel and restaurant staff.

7. Church leaders. As we’re away for a few days, ministry continues to move forward. We have equipped leaders ready to do the work of ministry. Pray for staff in the office and lay leaders to serve Jesus and His church.

Church family, thank you for investing in us and supporting our time away. You’re the best! As Jesus said and modeled, it’s healthy to pull away and rest.

Being Still Before the Lord,
Pastor Ronny
Psalm 46:10

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