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10 Components of the Church’s Membership Class

Sunday’s church membership class was well attended. We welcomed new church members and potential members. It’s a joy for the pastoral staff and me to spend time with people talking about the Lord and His church.

Our church’s membership class is one step in assimilating people and closing the back door. The class gives us the platform to communicate beliefs, vision, and expectations. Growing churches believe membership matters. Therefore, such churches frequently offer membership classes.

Let me list for you 10 components of the church’s membership class.

1. You’ll meet other church members (or potential members). We give you time to introduce yourself, allowing other people to meet you. A healthy church is serious about relationships.

2. You’ll enjoy a nice lunch. Our Hospitality Team serves a box lunch and drinks for all participants. You won’t leave the class hungry.

3. You’ll learn about the Gospel, baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. We’re intentional about sharing the Gospel, and we want to be sure you learn about baptism and the Lord’s Supper from a biblical perspective.

4. You’ll discover the church’s vision. As you know, our church exists to make disciples that love upward, inward, and outward. We provide additional details about ways Bradfordville is fulfilling the Lord’s vision.

5. You’ll hear from pastoral staff members. Our pastoral staff team shares insights about their areas of ministry and how people can be involved. You’ll hear firsthand what God is doing in worship, children, student, and discipleship ministries. You’ll be able to ask them questions, too.

6. You’ll receive information about Sunday School. Sunday School is a vital ministry at Bradfordville. You’ll be able to get information about different classes. Our heart is for you to connect with a class, study God’s Word, and build strong Christ-centered relationships.

7. You’ll find out about the Cooperative Program. In 1925, the Cooperative Program (CP) was launched in Murray, Kentucky. It’s a financial lifeline for Southern Baptists. During the membership class, you’ll receive printed materials about the Cooperative Program. I’m thankful that our church’s giving to the CP is on the increase.

8. You’ll take home a spiritual gift assessment. Have you ever completed a spiritual gift assessment? As a believer, God gave you spiritual gifts at salvation. One step in the disciple-making process is for you to discover your spiritual gifts. We’ll equip you to fulfill that discipline during the membership class.

9. You’ll complete a “ministry interest” sheet. Bradfordville offers ministry opportunities connected to our vision statement. You’ll be given a “ministry interest” sheet to complete, allowing us to help you discover a place of ministry. Serving in ministry helps us close the back door.

10. You’ll tour the church’s facility. The membership class concludes with a brief tour of the church facility. You’ll see Sunday School rooms, staff offices, youth rooms, choir room, sanctuary, and the children’s area. We share details about Bradfordville’s master-site plan, too.

Our next class is Sunday, April 30. As a new member or potential member, you can always call the Church Office and make a reservation for the next class. The membership class begins immediately following the worship service.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday morning in Sunday School and worship.

Sharing the Importance of Church Membership,
Pastor Ronny
Acts 2:42-47

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