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My Insights on Sunday School at Bradfordville

One of my Sunday morning practices is to visit Sunday School classes. I’m thankful to interact with members and meet guests every Sunday. Sunday School is a growing ministry at Bradfordville!

I appreciate Rick Stewart (Discipleship and Administration Pastor) partnering with John Bennett (Children and Family Pastor) and Tom Cooney (Student Pastor) to lead our education ministry to new levels in 2017. If we’re going to assimilate people into the life of the church, and close the back door, then we must be intentional and positive about Sunday School.

Here are seven insights from Sunday School this past Sunday.

1. Teachers were prepared and ready to teach. Bradfordville has the best (and the most dedicated) teachers. Your devotion to pray, study, and teach inspires me. Thank you for being in your class early, for being prayed up, for being ready to welcome class members and guests, and for being convicted about teaching God’s Word.

2. Students were hungry to learn God’s Word. I walked into our 4th grade class. Every young boy and girl was sitting at a table with open Bibles. Those boys and girls were hungry for God’s truth. Seeing those children with open Bibles blessed and touched me!

3. Volunteers were available and equipped for nursery service. I saw volunteers caring and loving children in the nursery. A clean and safe nursery is essential in a growing church. I thank the Lord for the many people who volunteer and love babies every week at Bradfordville. The Lord sees your dedication and service.

4. People were enjoying the fellowship with one another. I saw people laughing, hugging, praying, and talking with one another. Fellowship is more than food. It’s sharing life together. I love to see biblical fellowship alive and well at Bradfordville.

5. Guests were thankful and appreciative of our hospitality. I spoke with a couple in Sunday School for the first time at Bradfordville. Their words were glowing about the way they were welcomed. All I could say was, “We have amazing people, and to God be the glory!”

6. Greeters were eager and prepared to welcome members and guests. I noticed greeters at all the doors. We have parking lot greeters, too. I watched one of our greeters minister to a lady as she entered the facility. It was a special sight to see. As greeters, your smiles, hugs, and handshakes make a difference.

7. Leaders were thrilled to launch a new Sunday School class. One of Bradfordville’s five strategic goals in 2017 is to birth five new Sunday School classes. We moved that goal forward Sunday morning. We birthed a new young women’s class, desiring to reach 20’s and 30’s. Betsy McDonald and Phyllis Underwood are teaching the new class.

As we begin new classes, it’s vital that we consider our Vision 20/20 phase one proposal. We need additional Sunday School space. You’ll hear more details soon about phase one of Bradfordville’s master-site plan.

If you’re not involved in a Sunday School class, please contact us about options. We’d love to help you! Our desire is to cast a compelling vision about the importance of Bible study and small groups at Bradfordville.

I look forward to seeing you in Sunday School and worship Sunday morning.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth,
Pastor Ronny
2 Timothy 2:15

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