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To God Be the Glory: The 2016 Singing Christmas Tree

Another Singing Christmas Tree has come and gone. What a joyful and celebrative worship experience for our church family and community! To Pastor Eddie, the many leaders, and the army of volunteers that made the Singing Christmas Tree happen, you folks are dedicated servants! Thank you for your sacrifice, leadership, and ministry!

God used the 2016 Singing Christmas Tree to touch the hearts of people. Let me identify a number of personal thoughts and reflections from this year’s presentations.

1. We fulfilled our church’s vision statement. Our ministry is about making disciples that love upward, inward, and outward. The Singing Christmas Tree allowed us to worship God, serve with one another, and love people in our city and beyond.

2. We gave a special gift to the community (and beyond). The Lord has blessed our church, allowing us to present the Singing Christmas Tree without taking an offering. We wanted to present the tree as a gift to our community. Thank you for being a generous church!

3. We shared the true message of Christmas. Jesus was proclaimed! People heard the story of Jesus’ birth and the truth that He came for them. The invitation was given for people to know Jesus Christ, too. The Gospel was presented with clarity, with compassion, and with conviction.

4. We sowed many Gospel seeds and watered many other seeds. I’m confident that nonbelievers heard the Gospel. Therefore, we helped those people draw nearer to the Savior, Redeemer, and Forgiver. May you and I never underestimate the importance of sowing seeds! A harvest only happens because seeds are sown first.

5. We helped people see the beauty of a local church. Many people, and it pains me to write this, have a negative view of local churches. Church fights and splits keep many people away from God’s family. However, the witness of Bradfordville the past few days influenced people. My heart rejoiced to see you loving one another and serving Jesus together.

6. We heard and received many positive comments. Our world can be critical and cynical at times. The Singing Christmas Tree (its presentation and message) led people to rejoice, not ridicule, celebrate, not complain, and worship, not worry. Following each tree presentation, many people shared personal and heartfelt words. I received numerous text messages and phone calls about the tree. God stirred and filled people’s hearts.

7. We utilized the gifts and talents of many volunteers. I can’t begin to list the various ways people served in the building and outside of the building. It takes an army of volunteers to execute the Singing Christmas Tree. Thank you again for your faithful and sacrificial service!

8. We ministered to a number of online viewers. Our ministry is no longer limited to Tallahassee. Our livestream allows people in other cities, states, and nations to worship with us. Many people viewed the Singing Christmas Tree live online or watched an archived broadcast. Our media investment continues to bear fruit, allowing us to reach beyond the four walls of our church facility.

9. We introduced our church to many people for the first time. I enjoyed getting to know the congregation each night. Many people stepped inside our facility for the first time last weekend. I talked with several families that are searching for a church home. I encouraged those folks to join us for Sunday School and worship on Sundays. People loved the music, the facility, and the friendliness of our church family.

10. We collected many personal hygiene items for our MANNA ministry. We asked Singing Christmas Tree attendees to donate personal hygiene items for our MANNA ministry. Guests to MANNA always receive food, prayers, and love. Personal hygiene items are often expensive. Your gifts will allow MANNA volunteers to give guests an extra blessing. Thank you for bringing in items to bless others this Christmas season.

The Singing Christmas Tree is now posted and shared on many social media outlets, helping us to minister and reach many more people. You can watch it here. Thank you again for another exciting weekend of ministry!

On Wednesday night, December 21 at 6:00 pm, we’ll gather in the Sanctuary and sing Christmas carols and observe the Lord’s Supper together. That evening will be a night of intimate worship for our church family.

The Christmas Eve service begins at 5:00 pm, and the Christmas Day worship gathering begins at 10:30 am.

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and encouragement to the staff and me this Christmas season. You are the best!

I Love My Church Family,
Pastor Ronny
Luke 2:1-20

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