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Why Sunday School Matters

Every Sunday I hang out with people in Sunday School. I love to see people meeting together in small groups, studying the Bible and sharing life together.

In the past, many people said Sunday School was a dinosaur. It was old-fashioned and ineffective. However, many of those same folks have “eaten” their words. Sunday School (Life Groups, small group Bible study, etc.) is now foundational to their evangelism and discipleship strategy.

Rick and I constantly encourage people to connect with a Sunday School class. Why does Sunday School matter? Let me give you eight benefits to active participation in Sunday School.

  1. You study the Bible. Our Sunday School classes study God’s Word. We have incredible teachers! Small group Bible study allows you to ask questions. You’re knowledge of the Bible deepens as you participate in Sunday School.
  2. You fellowship with other people. Fellowship is more than eating food together. As good Baptists, there’s nothing wrong with “breaking bread” with one another. However, fellowship is about sharing life together. Sunday School offers opportunities to walk with people in the highs and lows of life.
  3. You minister to people in need. It’s comforting for me to visit hospitals and see Sunday School class members actively involved in pastoral care. Meeting people’s needs expresses love for them. The church is stronger when Sunday School members care for and love one another.
  4. You reach people with the Gospel. Sunday School that’s organized and done correctly reaches people. Sunday School classes need people who need Jesus. Bible teaching, healthy relationships, and personal concern foster a context for the Gospel to be shared. It’s vital to invest in people, invite them to Sunday School, and introduce them to Jesus.
  5. You pray for people in need. I hurt for people who face adversities in life and feel alone, with no support. God’s people are called to “bear one another’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2). Praying for people is an important ministry. What a blessing to “stand in the gap” for people facing cancer treatments, strained relationships, career challenges, and spiritual emptiness!
  6. You mature in Christ Jesus. Active involvement in Sunday School is a pathway to spiritual growth. You’re able to study the Word, pray, establish Christ-centered relationships, and serve the Lord. If you desire for your walk with Jesus to reach another level, I invite you to connect with a Sunday School class.
  7. You fulfill the church’s vision. Our church’s vision is “to make disciples that love upward, inward, and outward.” Our Sunday School classes are actively making that statement a reality. Our vision statement isn’t simply a catchy phrase. It’s being embraced and lived out. Connecting to a Sunday School class allows you to love God, other people in our church family, and people in our city and around the world.
  8. You stay connected to the church. One ministry goal is to see members assimilate into the church. We want people to join and stay, not join and leave. It’s proven that responsibilities and relationships close the church’s back door. Participating in a Sunday School class means that it’s highly likely you’ll still be involved at Bradfordville a year from now.

Sunday school classes begin on Sundays at 9:15 am. We have greeters at all the main entrances on Sunday mornings, and they’re trained and ready to help you find the right class. And yes, we have classes for all ages.

Besides those eight benefits, there’s another one that I’d like to note. Sunday School prepares the heart and spirit for corporate worship.

I hope to see you Sunday morning at 9:15 am.

Sunday School Matters,
Pastor Ronny
Acts 2:42

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