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Quick Facts about the Church’s Vision 20/20 Team

You’ve heard us talk a great deal about the Vision 20/20 Team. It’s been our goal for them to display a prospective master site plan during our 10th Anniversary service on Sunday, August 28. The team has invested many hours in strategic meetings. Those folks have put in long and late hours over the last months.

Who serves on the Vision 20/20 Team? Team members are Tommy Pipkin (Chairperson), Alyson Perrin, May Ann Moore, Jim Overall, Jack Chason, Dennis Vickers, Ashton Young, Dr. Fred Steverson, and Thom Holland. Rick Stewart and I meet with them, too. The team is committed to seeking the Lord’s plans and timing. I assure you team members model an enduring love for Jesus Christ and His church.

In the early days of my interaction with the pastor search committee, I discovered that the church had a preliminary master site plan. Our current Vision 20/20 Team has studied that plan and made adaptations to fit our present context. We’re building on the work of many people who came before us.

I want to give you quick facts about the team’s progress and goals.

  • Present a proposed master site plan to the church on Sunday, August 28. You’ll be able to see drawings and conceptual designs in the lobby that morning.
  • Hold a question and answer session on Sunday, September 25 at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The Vision 20/20 Team plans to share a more detailed report and open the floor for comments and questions.
  • Share details about the various phases of the project. The team sought to design a master site plan that can be accomplished as one total project or in strategic phases.
  • Convey the conviction that the total project and each phase are to be completed with no new debt. The team is committed to biblical principles of financial stewardship.
  • Communicate the strategy to reduce the amount of the church’s current debt. As the church raises future capital funds, the intent is to apply a percentage of those funds to principal reduction on the current mortgage.
  • Reveal specific ways to balance various spaces in the facility. Our Sanctuary seats 1300 people. However, we don’t have enough parking spaces, fellowship area, educational rooms, and administrative offices to match our worship capacity. Our goal is to bring our facility into balance.

I hope you’re planning to participate in tomorrow night’s service in the Chapel, Sunday’s night ordination service in the Fellowship Hall, and 10th Anniversary service in the Sanctuary on Sunday, August 28. We’ll receive our annual “Thank Offering” that Sunday morning, too.

These are exciting days for Bradfordville First Baptist Church! May we keep our eyes on Jesus and our hearts united!

He’ll Make Our Paths Straight,
Pastor Ronny
Proverbs 3:5-6

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