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10 Ways to Pray for Dominican Republic Mission Teams

As our two mission teams prepare to leave for the Dominican Republic, the entire church can be involved in God’s work. You and I can pray. In this week’s blog post, I propose 10 ways for us to pray for God’s missionaries. Our prayers make a difference!

  1. Team members to be prepared physically and spiritually. The work in the Dominican Republic is hard and demanding. Spiritual warfare is a reality as God’s people carry out the Great Commission. Pray for team members to be physically healthy and spiritually strong.
  2. Team members to serve together for God’s glory. Twenty-five team members mean there are twenty-five different personalities. It’s critical for team members to love one another, to be patient with each other, and to serve Jesus together. Pray for team members to sacrifice personal agendas, to be “fluid” on the trip, and to labor for God’s glory.
  3. Team members to be sensitive to evangelistic opportunities. God desires to save men and women and boys and girls. The Dominican people are eager to hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray for team members to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and quick to share Jesus’ love story.
  4. Team members to experience God’s protection while in the Dominican Republic. Life is uncertain; violence is global; and the enemy is on the attack. Traveling in the Dominican Republic is different than the States. Traffic laws are merely guidelines. Both mission teams will have Dominican drivers who are trained and experienced. Pray for team members to be safe on the roads, on the job site, and in public settings.
  5. Team members to enjoy stress-free travels to and from the Dominican Republic. Airline travel can be challenging even on the best of days. Certain airlines (and I’ll refrain from naming names) seem to be more difficult than others. Pray for team members to have on-time, smooth, and pleasant flights.
  6. Team members to be fluid during the entire mission adventure. One thing that is guaranteed to happen on mission trips is change. Plans DO change. It’s a long week if team members aren’t fluid. Pray for team members to handle change with the right attitude, heart, and spirit.
  7. Team members to anticipate the “gentle whisper” of God as they serve. God continues to speak in our day. It’s rare for a believer to serve God in a global context and return home the same person. God radically altered my life and ministry on an international mission trip. Pray for team members to hear God’s voice and to welcome His activity.
  8. Team members to love people in the Dominican Republic with the love of Christ. People in the Dominican Republic long to be loved. Jesus loves them. He gave His life for them (Jn. 3:16). Our church loves them. As we love outward, we serve the Dominican people with the mind, heart, and actions of Jesus. Pray for team members to see the Dominican people through the eyes of Jesus.
  9. Team members to encourage the local church/pastor in the Dominican Republic to practice the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission. The local church where our mission teams will be serving has a new pastor. He’s a sharp young man. Our mission teams plan to worship and serve with the church and pastor. Pray for team members to model what it means to practice the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission.
  10. Team members to return home eager to share a mission trip report. On Wednesday, August 24, the two mission teams will share a mission report. We’ll hear testimonies and stories of their time on the mission field. The service starts at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary. Pray for team members to share clearly how God worked and changed lives (including their own) in the Dominican Republic.

Church, thank you for going, giving, and praying! God is using our entire church family to love upward, inward, and outward. You can still find the Bible Book Markers in the lobby and in the children’s entrance area. Every person that’s on the mission teams is printed on the papers. You and I can pray for God’s missionaries by name.

The first mission team plans to meet at the church facility on Saturday, July 30 at 4:30 am for prayer before leaving for the airport. You’re invited to join the team and their families at 4:30 am in the Church Lobby for prayer. God moves when His people pray!

Praying for God’s Missionaries,
Pastor Ronny
Acts 4:31

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