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A Concrete Foundation, A Precious Family, and A Secure Faith

The work is hard; the heat is intense; but the rewards are priceless. Those statements describe a common day on the mission field in the Dominican Republic. Our church’s vision statement is about making disciples that love upward, inward, and outward. God is using our church to love people in our city and around the world.

Our mission efforts in the Dominican Republic have changed the lives of people and families. We’ve seen individuals turn from sin and trust Jesus for the first time; we’ve seen mission team members love Jesus and serve people; and we’ve built houses that give families a place to call home. I encourage you to take one of the Bible Book Markers and pray for the two upcoming mission teams. You’ll find the prayer slips in the church’s lobby and near the children’s entrance area.

I traveled to the Dominican Republic last week for a few days. I looked at the work that’s been accomplished, and I worked to make sure plans/supplies are in place for our two mission trips. The foundation is ready for our first mission team. In a matter of weeks, our two teams will construct a house on that foundation. Our investment of money, time, and energy offers a selected family hope and the reality of home ownership.

God calls you and me to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8). Jesus never hesitated to extend invitations. His invitations were often directed to individuals in public settings. A common practice for me is to pray for opportunities to share Jesus. In the Dominican Republic last week, the Lord answered my prayer by allowing me to have evangelistic conversations with two men. I shared with the men how God loved them, how Jesus died for them, and how the Lord desired to change their lives. I invited the men to turn from their sin and trust Jesus. Both men called on the name of the Lord for salvation (Rom. 10:13). To God be the glory!

Last Wednesday afternoon, I had a first time experience in ministry. Dr. Jerry Haag, president of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, gave me the opportunity to present a Bible and a house key to a family. I’ve never given a house away before. I prayed with the family and saw the joy on their faces. The house has doors on the bedrooms and bathroom; the house has a refrigerator and stove, and the house has a shower. Words are inadequate to explain what a new house means to a family in the Dominican Republic.

Church, thank you for praying, giving, and going. Your obedience is making a difference in our city and around the world. Next week I’ll give you specific ways to pray for our two Dominican Republic mission teams.

Details about Our Annual Thank Offering

On an annual basis, we’re challenged to give a “Thank Offering.” In the past, that offering has been used to pay off a “line of credit,” buy a new church van, send people on mission to the Dominican Republic, and helped pay for our recent sound/video upgrades. On Sunday, August 28, we’ll receive our annual “Thank Offering.” This year’s goal is $65,000. Offering gifts will be used for three primary needs. (1) Replace the two projection units in the Sanctuary. The current units are ten years old. New units will provide us with greater clarity for our worship gatherings. (2) Update our two church signs on Thomasville Road. We’d like to place our logo and website on the signs. (3) Buy new chairs for the Fellowship Hall on the South Campus. Our current chairs are “tired.” It’s time to purchase new ones. What happens if we receive more than $65,000? Our Finance Committee is ready to apply extra proceeds to the Vision 20/20 Team recommendations and to principal reduction on the current debt.

Thank you for being a generous church. Generosity is one sign of church health. Let’s plan to give a record “Thank Offering” on Sunday, August 28.

Encouraging a Generous Church,
Pastor Ronny
Acts 20:35

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