Join us for Sunday School at 9:15am and Worship at 10:30am. Livestream will be available for the worship service at 10:30am.

Final Thoughts about Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is almost here. The Giant Easter Egg Hunt kicks off at 10:00 am on Saturday, and on Sunday, Bible study classes start at 9:15 am and morning worship begins at 10:30 am.

What can you and I do this weekend to worship the Lord, fellowship with our church family, and reach people in our city and beyond?

  1. Pray. The Early Church was a praying church. Great and healthy churches practice prayer as of first importance, not as a last resort. Let’s pray for God to speak, for us to hear His voice, and for lives to be changed.
  2. Attend. Your attendance on Easter weekend will make a difference. If you have children or grandchildren, bring them to the Giant Easter Egg Hunt. On Sunday, plan to attend Sunday school and worship. As guests attend, it’s a witness to them when the parking lot and church facility are filled with cars and people.
  3. Park. If you’re physically able on Sunday morning, please park in the back of the church property. We’d love to leave open parking spaces close to the facility for guests and those unable to walk long distances. Both golf carts will be in service Sunday morning, too.
  4. Invite. It’s still not too late to invite someone to the egg hunt, Bible study, or worship on Easter weekend. Research affirms that many people would attend a church event or worship service if a friend or relative invited them. Let’s use social media and personal conversations as ways to invite people this week.
  5. Serve. Easter weekend brings the need for people to serve. A background check is required to serve in the children’s ministry. As a way to help people navigate our church property and facility, many volunteers will serve as ushers, greeters, and parking lot attendants. If you’re serving in any capacity on Easter weekend, thank you in advance for your sacrificial service.
  6. Watch. If you’re physically unable to attend or are out of town on Resurrection Sunday, you can watch the service live this Sunday at 10:30 am at We’ve tested the “live stream” the past few Sundays. This Sunday is our official broadcast of our worship service online. If you have family members in other cities or countries, and not connected to a local church, you can invite them to watch. Our “live stream” is a tool for us to reach people in our city and around the world.

As we remember Jesus’ sacrifice and glorious resurrection, let’s rejoice that He is alive!

Celebrating the Empty Tomb,
Pastor Ronny
1 Corinthians 15

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