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What Happens In a Deacons Meeting?

I’m writing this week’s article one day before our monthly deacons meeting. I look forward to meeting with God’s servants on Monday evening. As I reflect back on my pastoral ministry, I’ve attended hundreds of deacons meetings. I recall meetings that were calm and peaceful, and I remember other meetings that were contentious and divisive. I love the unity among our deacon body at Bradfordville.

As deacons meet together each month, what happens in a deacons meeting? I want to give you a behind-the-scenes snapshot of a meeting.

  1. Every meeting begins with prayer. It’s important that God be sought at the beginning of the meeting. The men seek God’s mind, heart, and guidance. The goal of each meeting is to make sure that we (deacons and pastoral staff) are leading and serving in ways that glorifies God and builds His church.
  2. Time is invested in deacon training. The goal in 2016 is to be intentional about deacon training. God’s servants need to know how to have a personal devotion, how to lead their families in the faith, how to share Jesus Christ with others, how to make a hospital visit, how to handle conflict in the church, how to help people in the death of a loved one, how to pray for the pastor and staff, how to make a home visit, how to reclaim members who no longer attend, and how to help people in a time of crisis. Training prepares deacons to love upward, inward, and outward!
  3. The senior pastor and pastoral staff give reports. I’m intentional in pastoral ministry to communicate vision and plans. God’s Word says there’s wisdom in a multitude of counselors (Pr. 15:22). As the church’s pastoral staff, we give reports at every deacons meeting. We sense the need for accountability and the importance of keeping deacons informed.
  4. Deacon teams and specific committees share ministry updates. In 2015, we transitioned the deacon ministry to teams. We have teams that minister to new members, hospital patients, homebound members, widows and widowers, and people with benevolent needs. And we have a team that prepares for baptisms and the Lord’s Supper. Updates allow deacons to share how God is using them to serve Him and His church. The Personnel and Finance Committees also share an update during the meeting. The intent of these reports is unity and support.
  5. Ministry opportunities are made known. Our deacon chairman goes over many opportunities for deacons to serve the Lord and His church. God is at work at Bradfordville! It’s important to keep our deacons informed and aware of the many ministries and activities.
  6. Prayers requests are shared and prayed over. Our deacons pray for our church family. It’s touching to hear deacons pray for people and their needs.
  7. A benevolence offering is given. A basket is placed on the desk in the Choir Room. As deacons enter or leave the room, they leave an offering that’s used to help people in need. It’s blessing to see our deacons being good and faithful stewards of their time, talents, and treasures.

I’m thrilled that our deacon body desires to serve the church, not run the church. Thank you for praying, loving, encouraging, and supporting our deacons!

Grateful for Deacons that Desire to Serve,
Pastor Ronny
Acts 6:1-7

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