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A Really Big Day

November 15 is going to be “A Really Big Day” in the life of Bradfordville First Baptist Church. Several things are planned for that day.

High Attendance Day in Sunday School. I appeal for all Sunday School classes to be intentional in the coming days to invite people to attend. Many people in our city and church family are waiting for an invitation. I hope you’ll set a challenging attendance goal and serve together in reaching it. I love seeing people involved in Sunday School. It closes the church’s back door!

Worship gathering focused on prayer, music, and the Word. In the sermon series, “You Asked For It,” many of you requested a sermon on prayer. We’re praying and planning a special worship gathering that calls His church to pray. May the Lord be pleased, as His house becomes a “house of prayer for the nations!”

Opportunity to give to our annual “Thank Offering.” Last year, the church’s “Thank Offering” was used to pay off a line of credit. We exceeded the offering goal easily! The goal for this year’s offering is $65,000. We plan to use the offering to fund church-wide mission efforts in 2016 and buy a new church van. Our vision statement is about loving people in our city and around the world. We need financial resources to make that happen, and we desire to purchase a dependable van as a tool for ministry. Let’s give “A Really Big Offering” on “A Really Big Day!”

A delicious Thanksgiving lunch for our church family and guests. Large tents (filled with tables and chairs) will be set up in the north parking lot. The church intends to provide the meat, and members will bring sides, salads, and desserts. Another area in today’s newsletter provides details about what to bring based on the first letter in your last name. It’s great for our church family and guests to share a meal together. You can call or email Lauren or Shannon to make reservations or sign up in the Gathering Area or in your Sunday School class.

I’m looking forward to “A Really Big Day” at Bradfordville on November 15.

A Special Thanksgiving Day Luncheon

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 26. I realize that many of you spend that day with family. However, if you find that you’re alone on Thanksgiving Day, Angie and I want to invite you to lunch at the South Campus. We intend to host a noon luncheon on Thanksgiving Day for people in our church without family commitments. We ordered take out last year at the Cracker Barrel on Thanksgiving Day. However, this year it’s our desire to spend a few hours on Thanksgiving Day with our church family. If you’re interested in attending the luncheon, please call or email Lauren or Shannon in the church office. We’ll send out more details about the menu the week before Thanksgiving. We need to see the number of people who commit to come first. We’re excited to fellowship with many of you on Thanksgiving Day!

May the Lord continue to equip us to make disciples that love upward, inward, and outward!

Pastoring a Blessed Church,
Pastor Ronny
Philippians 1:3-6

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