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A Special Wednesday Evening

I hope you’re making plans to attend tomorrow night’s evening service. It starts at 6:00pm in the sanctuary. You’ll hear a mission report from the team that served in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Marino Martinez and the Hispanic church that meets on our south campus plan to join us, too.

In the New Testament, Jesus sent His disciples out to serve. As they returned to Jesus, they told Him all that they’d done and taught (Mk. 6:30). The Early Church prayed, laid hands on their missionaries, and sent them out to share the gospel. What happened when the missionaries returned? “And when they arrived and gathered the church together, they declared all that God had done with them, and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles” (Acts 14:27). Sharing a mission report is consistent with what Jesus and the Early Church practiced.

God moved in the Dominican Republic in special ways. Thank you for praying for the mission team each day (and multiple times a day, too!). The work was physically demanding at times. However, the joy of children being loved in a safe place and people trusting Jesus as Savior made the pain and soreness of hard work worth it!

Mission team members grew in Christ right before my eyes. My heart rejoiced to see team members loving children, sharing Jesus, and serving together. The unity of the team was noticeable, too. No one complained or spoke ill words against another team member. The entire journey was about Jesus and expanding His kingdom.

In the evening service, you’ll hear personal testimonies from team members, and you’ll see a video of each day’s activities and ministries.

Team members stayed in an apartment. At least the sleeping rooms were air-conditioned. It was a little cramped at times. Sixteen guys and two bathrooms isn’t a good ratio (smile). The food was tasty each night. I doubt any team member lost weight on this trip.

We’re already seeking the Lord’s guidance for mission trips in 2016. Our goal is to provide you with local, national, and international mission opportunities.

We’re a few weeks away from the Maguire State Mission Offering. Our goal is $7,500. The entire offering stays in Florida. Let’s reach our state for Jesus by giving, praying, and going.

I hope you’ll attend tomorrow night’s service and hear a special mission report!

It’s All About Jesus,
Pastor Ronny
Jn. 13:35

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