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Another Mission Team “Loving Outward”

Early on Saturday morning, another Bradfordville mission team leaves for the Dominican Republic. The team is made up of fourteen individuals. The dates of the mission project are August 1-7.

The mission project is in partnership with Orphan’s Heart of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes. Team members plan to do construction, personal evangelism, children’s ministries, sports outreach, disciple-making, and a medical clinic.

How can you pray for the mission team?

  1. Safety. From airplanes to automobiles, the mission team will cover many miles over the next week. Travel in the Dominican Republic is different than travel in the states. May the Lord allow pilots and drivers to transport our team safely each day!
  2. Health. Team members will be working in extreme heat; food will be different; sleeping conditions will be challenging; and the daily schedule will be demanding. It’s necessary that team members get enough rest each night and take several breaks during the day. Drinking plenty water is a must! Personal health is important to accomplish the mission trip goals.
  3. Sensitivity. As team members serve and relate with people, it’s important that they be sensitive to the activity and leadership of the Holy Spirit. As God opens doors, team members will be able to pray with people, share the gospel with children, youth, and adults, listen to their stories, and minister to people’s physical needs.
  4. Unity. A healthy mission team is a unified mission team. It’s imperative that team members remain fluid and support and encourage one another during the week. Personal drama is never good on the mission field.
  5. Clarity. As opportunities develop to share the gospel, team members need to be able to share Jesus’ story with clarity. The church’s Missions Committee agreed to purchase EvangeCubes for the team. The eCubes will be used over and over again to present the gospel. As a gift to the pastor and the new church plant, all eCubes will be left for them to use.
  6. Family. Every mission team member is leaving family behind. It’s vital that family members stay safe and healthy, too. Team members and family members will be able to communicate at night by email, Skype, or FaceTime. Technology helps mission team members to stay connected with loved ones.
  7. Dominicans. Our goal is to love Jesus and the people in the Dominican Republic. I appeal for you to pray that people would be open and receptive to our mission and message. We’re asking God to transform the lives of boys and girls and men and women. Our desire is for non-Christians to be evangelized, Christians to be equipped, and the church to be edified.

The plan is to provide daily updates from the mission team on our Facebook page. You can check there each morning for updates and specific prayer requests.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer! Your involvement is priceless! May Jesus use Bradfordville to be a church that loves upward, inward, and outward!

Reaching the Nations,
Pastor Ronny
Mt. 28:19-20

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