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VPK Graduation, Nepal Offering, and Town Hall Meeting

The graduation season is in full swing. Congratulations again to the many high school and college graduates and their families. We’re proud of you and your accomplishments. Tomorrow morning is another special graduation ceremony. Emily Perrin, our Beginning Steps Ministry (BSM) Interim Director, plans to lead her first VPK Graduation Ceremony in the sanctuary at 9:30. Many people from our church (staff and volunteers) are involved in the graduation ceremony and the fellowship event afterwards. You’re invited to attend and celebrate with our graduates and their families. The graduation ceremony promises to be a special event for BSM, the church, and our graduates and their loved ones.

Sunday is a 5th Sunday. It’s a time that we observe the Lord’s Supper as a church. Jesus calls us to remember His sacrifice and surrender by eating a piece of bread and drinking a cup of juice. I challenge us to prepare this week to eat the bread and drink the juice in a manner worthy of the Lord and His love for us. Following every 5th Sunday Lord’s Supper observance, we receive a benevolence offering. As the deacon officers and I talked, we sensed the Lord’s guidance to give this week’s offering to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts. As a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, we have many ministry leaders, partners, and missionaries serving the Lord and loving the people of Nepal. On Sunday, let’s “love outward” by giving generously to people in desperate pain and in urgent need of the gospel.

One major vision that we cast for 2015 focused on staff leadership for the children and youth ministries. In late April, John Bennett began his ministry at Bradfordville as Children and Family Pastor. Caleb McGee has served as Interim Youth Pastor for the past fifteen months. Caleb has brought stability and focus to the youth ministry. I’ve been able to see Caleb grow as a leader in special ways. As we seek the Lord’s will for a permanent youth pastor, we want to hear from our youth parents, leaders, and church members. On Sunday at 5:00pm in the Choir Room, the Personnel Committee, Caleb, and I are leading a Town Hall Meeting. Caleb will lead a session about summer activities and calendar issues. He’ll talk about Vacation Bible School, youth camp, and other special summer events. Following that discussion, the Personnel Committee and I will ask a few open-ended questions and listen to you as you share your desires and dreams for the youth ministry at Bradfordville. The Town Hall Meeting will end by 7:00pm. I hope you’ll attend and participate in this strategic meeting.

I’m looking forward and praying for a special worship gathering this Sunday. I hope to see you in Sunday School and worship. As your pastor, I’m encouraged to see the many ways that you’re making disciples and helping His followers love upward, inward, and outward!

Fulfilling His Vision,
Pastor Ronny
Jer. 29:11

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