A Christ-centered learning community

Welcome to Beginning Steps Ministry and our School Family! Beginning Steps Ministry (BSM) is a Christ-centered learning community where children and their families are valued, nurtured, and appreciated. Our preschool serves young children birth to 5 years of age.

Our church values children and believes in families. BSM is a ministry of Bradfordville First Baptist Church working to provide young children the opportunity to grow and develop as a whole child – spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Main Office:
Beginning Steps Ministry
6524 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Phone: (850) 205-1826
Director: Emily Perrin

Hours: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
(early drop-off option at 7:30 am)

Ages: birth to 5 years
VPK: full-day option only

Educational Philosophy

We are committed to providing a safe and Christ-centered, age-appropriate early learning environment that allows children to engage in meaningful play and real work experiences. Beginning Steps Ministry’s educational philosophy is based on early childhood research and identified best practices for young children.

Optimal learning occurs in the context of safety. Creating a connected learning community establishes the sense of safety in the classroom.

Learning environments should provide children with opportunities to explore, discover, create and interact with others and the environment. Learning environments should also provide opportunities for communication, developing self-esteem, and self-control.

Family involvement in the child’s early learning experiences maximizes the child’s growth and development potential.



And Jesus grew in wisdom (mental), and stature (physical), and in favor with God (spiritual) and men (social and emotional).Luke 2:52

We seek to develop the whole child. Beginning Steps teachers strive to create safe, predictable, supportive learning environments where limits and expectations are clear and consistent. It is our goal to facilitate children’s development in all areas – cognitive, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional.

Teachers create developmentally appropriate lesson plans following research-based best practices. Research tells us children learn by “doing” and through hands-on experiences. The Creative Curriculum and WEE Learn Curriculum are the framework used to plan the day, week, or month’s theme. While planning takes place with specific goals in mind, teachers are encouraged to be flexible, drawing on additional resources, in order to provide opportunities that maximize each child’s classroom experience.


Understanding Christ led by example for us, we model the behavior we teach, that is, we respond respectfully and kindly through words, modeling composure, cooperation, and compassion. Our role as early childhood educators is to guide children to making helpful choices.

A program called Conscious Discipline® produces amazing results in teaching children about choices, developing self-control, and personal responsibility for their behavior. Conflict in the classroom is viewed as an opportunity to teach responsibility for behavior. Learning occurs when children are able to see the connection between their behavior and the result of that behavior for themselves and those around them. Positive approaches to problem solving are used to motivate children to make helpful choices.

Children will be taught to use words to discuss differences and solve individual problems. They will learn to use their “big voice” as a conflict resolution tool. We will place emphasis on developing and using self-control as a tool to make helpful choices. We are committed to spending time on teaching and modeling for children the life-long skills they will need for effectively dealing with conflict and decision making in their lives.

Children are never subjected to discipline that is severe, humiliating, or frightening. Discipline is never associated with food, rest, or toileting. Any form of physical punishment is prohibited.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

Our program is full-time, year-round and enrollment begins each year in February for the following school year. It is our goal to continually enroll new students throughout the year. We keep a wait list for interested families who have toured our facility. We pride ourselves in a lower-than-state ratio of children to teachers in order to best benefit our students. Children are grouped by their birth date and kept with others who will start Kindergarten at the same time for relational purposes.

Classes include:

  • 6 weeks – 6 months
  • 6 months – 1 year olds
  • 1 year olds
  • 2 year olds
  • 3 year olds
  • VPK (full-day option only)

BSM Staff

Our teachers are Christian teachers who are actively involved in a local church. They are well trained and experienced in the field of early childhood and/or child development. They are dedicated to providing young children with safe, nurturing learning environments. BSM teachers believe parents are partners in creating classroom environments filled with love, trust, and consideration.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Beginning Steps Ministry, or would like to receive more information, please contact us.

Phone: (850) 205-1826

Email: eperrin@bradfordville.org